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TIL Several months before his death, Bruce Lee had an operation to remove the sweat glands from his armpits, because he thought dank pits looked bad on-screen. This reduced his body’s ability to dissipate heat which may have indirectly led to his death by Cerebral Edema caused by Heat Stroke.

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TIL there is no such thing as "Nitrate free" bacon or other preserved meat. If they claim this they probably substitute Celery Salt which has sodium nitrate as well and can cause cancer all the same.

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TIL That despite the fact that they'll soon be in the same conference, the Texas Longhorns have never played against the Cincinnati Bearcats in football.

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TIL neurofeedback, a technique teaching control of one’s brain activity, is still controversial due to inconsistent results, even in double blinded studies, despite it being around for decades. All these didn’t stop private neurofeedback clinics from selling this treatment to patients.

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TIL that Salvatore Schillaci, top scorer of 1990 world cup with six goals, had only seven international goals in his record.

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TIL a man in Derby, UK claims to be "world's most prolific sperm donor," having fathered 129 children with 9 on the way. He drives to a park near the home of the donee and produces the sample in the back of his van. His wife of 40 years is not pleased with these activities, and they now live apart.

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TIL the first victim of the Chernobyl disaster was Valery Khodemchuk who died as the reactor exploded, his body was never found and is entombed in the wreckage of the Chernobyl power plant

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TIL animal “zoomies” have a technical name: Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or “FRAPs”

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TIL that urine comes from your blood, not directly from your digestive system.

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TIL the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (child agency of the Treasury) offers free redemption for mutilated US currency

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TIL there were chips made with Olestra that caused many to run to the restroom

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TIL About the Mace of the United States House of Representatives. The mace represents the authority of the legislative branch and can also be used to restore order if a member becomes unruly - which has occured on six occasions.

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TIL Doctors in Lithuania removed over 1 Kilo (2.2lbs) of metal objects, including screws and nails, from a man's stomach after he was admitted for abdominal pain. Some of the objects were up to 10cm (4in) long. The man claimed he started eating the metal after quitting alcohol a month prior.

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TIL that a split-brain patient can have two minds in one body

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TIL South Australia Police used to have a mounted camel unit as there was no other effective way to patrol the vast central deserts. The last mounted camels were retired in 1951.

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TIL that in 1150 BC king Ramesses the third faced a Harem conspiracy conspired by his second wife Tiye, who succeeded in assassinating the king but failed to place his son on the throne.

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TIL Rip was a stray dog adopted by an Air Raid Patrol in WW2. Although not trained for rescue work, he sniffed out over 100 victims trapped beneath buildings. He was awarded the Dickin medal for his work, which has been held partially responsible for prompting the training of search and rescue dogs.

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TIL of the 2011 Norwegian Butter Crises, which led to multiple countries gathering up butter and sending it to the butter-starved Norwegians - as well as having multiple companies offer .5 - 1 kilogram of butter to incentivize a purchase.

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TIL: Vanilla sky was the only movie to get permission to shut down Times Square for any amount of time

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TIL that North Korea introduced color television 6 years before South Korea did. Despite producing color televisions for export, color television was not officially introduced in South Korea until late 1980.

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