r/wheredidthesodago Aug 05 '22

Eating nothing but cake didn't make Jane feel any better after the divorce.



u/Thymeseeker Aug 05 '22 Helpful

The sudden realization that it was her baking that drove everyone away from her.


u/terrible_name Aug 06 '22

Plot twist: it was their wedding cake, and she baked it.


u/RepresentativePipe65 Oct 02 '22

Nobody likes unpleasant food


u/Floh4 Aug 05 '22


u/SgtWidget Aug 06 '22

“Store-bought cakes cost over $50 and they won’t even have a center filling!”

Someone please get this man a CostCo membership.


u/hazeldazeI Aug 06 '22

LOL, those were cheap grocery store cakes too.


u/da_apz Aug 05 '22

Rarely have I seen so unappetizing cakes.


u/Floh4 Aug 05 '22

Yeah, the one with the jellybeans looks pretty yucky.

But interesting infomercial nonetheless, the footage and the phrasing makes it look like this product will make it rain multi-colored cakes from the sky. But it's literally just a bowl with a weird lid. Perfect example for selling nonexistant solutions to nonexistant problems.


u/[deleted] Aug 06 '22



u/shittyspacesuit Aug 06 '22

This is my favorite sub


u/vera214usc Aug 06 '22

Yeah, those cakes look gross. Like those weird gelatin salads from the 70s.


u/Cheesemacher Aug 06 '22

All those ball-shaped cakes


u/didnt_readit Aug 06 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

Yeah the cake to filling ratio seems waaaay too low lol. Like they show the cookie dough one, which honestly could be pretty good, but it’s like 75% cookie dough and 25% cake 🤢


u/DublinChap Aug 06 '22

Yeah, I'll pass on having any fillings inside my cake. Just seems like it will make the cake soggy.


u/Kichigai Aug 06 '22

But what if the cake filling is more cake?


u/Dentarthurdent42 Aug 06 '22

Yo dawg, I heard you like cake


u/AceUniverse8492 Aug 06 '22

Hmm, IDK, some of those cakes do be bussin'


u/omgitskells Aug 05 '22

Thank you, I was struggling to figure out what kind of product would lead to an ad about sad cakes lol


u/The-J-StandsForJiant Aug 06 '22

I remember watching this exact infomercial as a kid and assumed that the epitome of baking prowess was a cake filled with gelatin.


u/omgitskells Aug 06 '22

I would say objectively, a filled cake is pretty impressive... I don't know about using jello but to each their own haha


u/DystopianSoul Aug 06 '22

The camera started violently shaking when showing the cake in the cake, its too much power for one cake to pocess


u/Poopsticle_256 Aug 06 '22

So…what exactly was wrong with just putting the filling in between layers in a cake instead of having a massive pocket of random crap completely concentrated on one portion of the slice?


u/hazeldazeI Aug 06 '22

I appreciate you linking this because I had never seen this before now. Now I'm full of WTFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?!?

That jelly bean cake will haunt my nightmares. And my god that woman showing the pan to her daughter, what drugs is she on? Can I have some?


u/Golden_Spider666 Aug 06 '22

Heh. I remember seeing this on tv when I was young


u/MetalMaskMaker Aug 05 '22

Those are some really depressingly frosted cakes. Like she was crying too hard to make it even on top and just gave up on trying to frost the sides because then some icing might get in the plate and if she had to wash another plate she'd probably smash it and ruin it like everything else.


u/MIArular Aug 05 '22

Ms. Trunchbulls other niece


u/37b Aug 06 '22

I understood that reference


u/thrust-johnson Aug 05 '22

Fuck it she gave it a shot. Sometime you gotta eat a bunch of cake.


u/antney0615 Aug 06 '22

“Make a red ladybug surprise stuffed with live ladybugs!”


u/Neat-Plantain-7500 Aug 06 '22

This sub used to be on all all the time. Haven’t seen it in forever. It’s nice to see it back


u/Floh4 Aug 06 '22

It's a rare supply and demand issue one the internet - many active viewers but very few that provide content.

Maybe the problem is that for one to post content here, he has to sacrifice his sanity by watching dozens of infomercials :)


u/mlledufarge Aug 06 '22

So many infomercials have the “but wait…! Call now and we’ll DOUBLE the offer!” I understand them in many cases. Why have one shamwow when you can have two?

But this monstrosity? Who had room to store two giant-ass cake bowls?


u/jlking3 Nov 08 '22

It's a way to charge more shipping and handling. Like sure, I'll take another one for free. Oh wait, it's $29 extra shipping and handling? Too late, order placed.


u/mrasperez Aug 05 '22

Her type 2 diabetes speed run was off to a rocky start...


u/Danteesmond Aug 06 '22

When i saw some sweet in black and white and took a glance at the description i could swear i was in the better call Saul subreddit haha


u/quint21 Aug 06 '22

She looks like she's trying not to laugh.


u/UnknownSloan Aug 06 '22

The problem is she should have eaten nothing bundt cakes.


u/Doki_Literature Sep 20 '22

This is one of those infomercials trying to solve a problem no one had