r/wheredidthesodago Nov 29 '22

George's wife asked him to turn off the lights knowing about his rare condition that has him grab the lamp first before turning it off No Context



u/Ranolden Nov 29 '22

Is it supposed to be a touch lamp or is he trying to throttle it?


u/WikiSummarizerBot Nov 29 '22

Touch-sensitive lamp

A touch-sensitive lamp is one that is activated by human touch rather than a flip, push-button, or other mechanical switch. These lamps are popular as desk and nightstand lamps. They act on the principle of body capacitance. Touch-sensitive lamp switches may be dimmable, allowing the brightness of the lamp to be adjusted by multiple touches.

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u/rants_unnecessarily Nov 29 '22

But... Why?


u/Ferro_Giconi Nov 29 '22

If you want an actual practical use case, it's faster and easier to quickly tap a lamp than it is to feel for the little twisty knob thing and twist it.


u/rants_unnecessarily Nov 29 '22

Yeah, after watching technology connections' video, noticed that.
It's odd they fell out of fashion. (Didn't watch it to the end yet.)


u/keenedge422 Nov 29 '22

There were a few issues that didn't get ironed out that kept them from being great. Sometimes they were too sensitive and they would cycle with no clear reason, or sometimes just trigger multiple times on a single touch making it hard to stop on the setting you want. Others were not sensitive enough and could only be triggered on certain areas or would fail to detect touches.

And one problem that was common, though not the fault of the lamp, was that pets were as able to turn off and on lamps by touch as their humans. Having an easy to turn on lamp on your nightstand seems great, until Mr. Fluffles learns he can also do it whenever he's feeling hungry.


u/Ranolden Nov 29 '22

Because neat


u/AngelWithaPhoneBox Nov 29 '22

The only reason I don't like touch lamps is cause they have to get brighter before you can make it dimmer or turn it off. If there was a way to brighten and dim by touch they'd be great.


u/Ranolden Nov 29 '22

Only some of them are dimmers. There are ones where a single touch turns them on and off


u/crispymk2 Dec 19 '22

They need a 2020 update.

Slide finger up and down for brightness, left and right for colour temp and double tap to turn off


u/rants_unnecessarily Nov 29 '22

I guess so


u/Ranolden Nov 29 '22

Technology Connections has a nice video explaining them, and why they came to be https://youtu.be/TbHBHhZOglw


u/rants_unnecessarily Nov 29 '22

Love his videos


u/jikl78 Nov 29 '22

Until you have a cat


u/hadidotj Nov 29 '22

My parents have one of these. It is a dimmable one.


u/Stilcho1 Nov 29 '22

Or he just finally had it with that lamp and snapped

On off on off. Off


u/SpinalPhatPants Nov 29 '22

Kill the lights


u/Darkshreaders3 Nov 29 '22

who even knows


u/decoy321 Nov 29 '22

I used to have an old lamp that had a weird switch. It was horizontal bar going through the center of the lamp connection right under the bulb. To turn it on, you push the rod from one side, and the other end sticks out the back. To turn it off, push the back end in, and the front part sticks out.

Anyways, I had to hold the lamp like this so it wouldn't fall over when switching the power.


u/JustAnotherSuit96 Nov 29 '22

I thought that was a relatively common lamp switch, and yes that's exactly how you would hit the switch


u/MuzzyIsMe Nov 29 '22

That is a very common lamp design. I’m confused about this whole post. Zoomers.


u/FluffySquirrell Nov 29 '22

A good 80% or so of the lamps I've used in my life worked like that, yes


u/hrimfaxi_work Nov 29 '22

I'm trying to think of the last time I saw a switch like that on a new lamp and am drawing a blank. I can imagine a younger person never having encountered one before, especially if everyone in their life happens to exclusively own lamps that are like 20 years old or newer.

I'm also pretty sure the rotating stem & pull chain styles of lamp switch were always more prevalent. My shop light has one of those pass-through switches, but I can't remember the last time I came across another one other than that.


u/lurker10001000 Nov 29 '22

The part of the video that bothered me is how far away the lamp is. Why don't they have it on an end table within reach of the bed?


u/Dr_Deadmau5 Nov 29 '22

The lamp is my room is the same way


u/Ferro_Giconi Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

That's a normal type of lamp switch. Along with pull chain sockets and little twisty knob sockets, you can buy those push rod sockets at any hardware store that sells light/lamp sockets.


u/SnooFloofs8295 11d ago

Can you send a pic or vid. I have a hard time imagining it.


u/decoy321 11d ago

Sorry. To reiterate, I used to have this lamp. I didn't exactly take photos of it when it was still in my possession.


u/SnooFloofs8295 10d ago

Okay, no photos online either?


u/decoy321 10d ago

My dude, I don't know what you're expecting of me. You've got the same information I've got, with access to the same internet. Best of luck with your search.


u/SnooFloofs8295 10d ago

Thanks. Only that you have seen one though.


u/Silenthillnight Nov 29 '22

George hasn't had sex with his wife in years and having just read about the dreaded death grip, he decided to try it out on the lamp.


u/JGplanes- Nov 29 '22

Choked it’s lights out!


u/JdaveA Nov 29 '22

Man that’s twice in a week I’ve seen this specific thing referenced.


u/grtgbln Nov 29 '22

I see someone watched Nostalgia Critic last week.


u/Ackables Nov 30 '22

Why is their lamp so far away?


u/-LVS 11d ago

How is a 1.1 million subscriber subreddit so dead? What happened?


u/Darkshreaders3 11d ago

i have no idea to be honest


u/SmartestIdiotAlive Nov 29 '22

He had to make sure the lamp wasn’t 2d


u/DanoLightning Nov 29 '22

Did he seriously just choke it until it's light was snuffed???