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Iranian security forces massacred dozens last week in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan when they opened fire on a protest in the city of Zahedan that erupted as Iran is convulsed by nationwide demonstrations, rights activists charge



u/Greed-oh Oct 06 '22

The keep upping the ante here and the unrest is going to become a revolution.

Right now they are going down that very Putin-inspired course of doubling down on a terrible idea.


u/kulfimanreturns Oct 06 '22

They are killing non Persian Sunnis and this will result in support for reactionary Sunni movements which will have support from radical Sunnis in neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan and this will go on and on and on


u/rnagikarp Oct 06 '22

I hope this turns the tide for the Iranian people, I hope this creates real changes in their regime.

Unfortunately I think it will only get worse before things get better.


u/SilverStar1999 Oct 06 '22

usually the end of an unjust peace gets far worse as it heads to war.


u/RefrigeratorDry1735 Oct 06 '22

I think it’s going to get worse. The optimist in me wants to see Iran become a democratic republic that is able to pick up the pieces and restore order. The pessimist believes that a civil war might break out and ethnic cleansing/Islamic terrorism become major problems for the world.


u/98kian86 Oct 06 '22

The majority of irans population is not religious + sometimes revolutions need a bit of time to stew and form a main goal

Right now there is no main goal , if Iranians had guns we would be in civil war as without goals we would just have a country with no one running it but with time the major subgroups may find a common goal


u/RefrigeratorDry1735 Oct 07 '22

I should clarify, that if the regime of Iran is to fall then there’s the likelihood that the Iranian military collapses, leaving behind weapons that could be used for violence. It doesn’t matter if no Islamist terrorists ride up from within, other groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are going to make a move. I should also remind you that Iran has a mess of several ethnic groups, such as the Kurds in the west. The regime was able to at least force them all to stay compliant, but if they collapse and the provisional government fails to keep them happy, then they will all try to break free and eliminate their enemies. I hope that none of what I said comes to fruition, but it has to be taken in consideration.


u/CcryMeARiver Oct 07 '22

So, breakup of Yugoslavia revisited.


u/40for60 Oct 07 '22

it won't, tides don't change like this. It would be better to wait out the dictators until they die then to create a new generation of killers. The Iranian troops who are killing citizens today will have no problem doing it again, only when the leadership has no blood on their hands will change happen.


u/kingwhocares Oct 06 '22

The keep upping the ante here and the unrest is going to become a revolution.

There's already a Baloch insurgency in Iran.


u/endMinorityRule Oct 06 '22

cheers to the bravery of iranian protestors.


u/nonono33345 Oct 07 '22

Thoughts and prayers.


u/krneki12 Oct 06 '22

Just go full Ukraine on them.

Once the first shot is fired, start to hurl molotovs.


u/Iapetus_Industrial Oct 06 '22

Yep. Winter on Fire is a required watch.


u/krneki12 Oct 07 '22

just a thank you, I was fully taken away by what I saw.


u/krneki12 Oct 06 '22

Looks great, now I'm going to sit back watch it.


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Paris - Iranian security forces massacred dozens last week in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan when they opened fire on a protest in the city of Zahedan that erupted as Iran is convulsed by nationwide demonstrations, rights activists charge.

Zahedan is one of Iran's few Sunni-majority cities and the region is populated by the Baluch ethnic minority who adhere to Sunni Islam rather than the Shiism predominant in Iran.

The unrest erupted some two weeks into nationwide protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini who had been arrested by the notorious morality police.

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u/DKipSmith Oct 06 '22

Religious thugs are the worst.


u/phred_666 Oct 06 '22

Such a loving, peaceful religious government in Iran.


u/MonarchistParty Oct 06 '22

Yes, it's their goal to suppress the protests just like they did it before too.


u/killerfish2022 Oct 06 '22

Mafia government criminals


u/Nerdinator2029 Oct 06 '22

Shh, it's reddit. You're supposed to say All Them Religions Are Evil.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22



u/Reaper83PL Oct 06 '22

Problem is that they have no guns.


u/mk3jade Oct 06 '22

They desperately need weapons


u/98kian86 Oct 06 '22

It’s really weird how many people think that countries in the Middle East are AKM wielding Arabs riding donkeys while in a Toyota hilux

The funny part is that a 2004 Toyota hilux costs 20 years of the average income not including bills food and etc


u/Johannes_P Oct 06 '22

Yeah, sure, doing massacres in regions such as Baluchistan with major separatist movements present is a very good idea, especially when the rest of the country is already suffering city-wide riots.

At this point, the folks tasked with the repression are deep cover agents for the 2022 Revolution.


u/Fickle-Mammoth94 Oct 06 '22

Worst than animals, this govt needs to go.


u/Any-Asparagus-2370 Oct 06 '22

It took 200 dead Ukrainians in 2014 for things to change . I hope the best for Iran. Those people are courageous .


u/Canadian-Living Oct 06 '22

The peace of Religous force. Killing people to uphold a law to opress them.


u/LunetThorsdottir Oct 06 '22

My best wishes to protesters. Is there a way we can help? I'm in Poland.


u/johnpeanuts Oct 07 '22

Best way to support them is to talk about what's going on there, post about it, show it to people you know. Keeping their struggle active in the conversation is the biggest help you can do for them.


u/einkasra Oct 06 '22

Remember, no persian


u/SlyJackFox Oct 07 '22

My fear is that the escalation will become deadly on both sides, the protesters arm themselves and become militants against the regime. At that juncture is when it will get really bad as dictatorships will do anything to remain in power, but also have few international friends to call on for help, instead they fear rivals will capitalize on their weakness domestically and will be even more violent in a show of force/strength.

They call forces that have high import in continuous situations like this “centers of gravity”, but while Khamenei is a center of gravity for the Iranian government, there is none for the protesters … yet. When a leader emerges in the protester side is the violence will really blow up.


u/TheStarkGuy Oct 07 '22

So how does this end? Is there anything left at this point the government can do to make people go home except even more force? Are these protests growing bigger and bigger or fading away? What happens if even more force is used, do people dig in even harder or does it end with a huge massacre?


u/killerfish2022 Oct 10 '22

Oppressed Iranians They will be massacred and the mullahs will give their fellow Iranians officers killing with live fire medals