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In 2019 PayPal did $1.6B in non transaction related revenue. While it’s a small portion of their business, it’s very possible they are looking for ways to diversify their revenue streams. They could be looking to set themselves up as competition to Coinbase which will be going public in April.


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Solved!! That’s it! It must have activated when they updated the app. Thanks!


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You could cosplay the r/WallStreetBets guy pretty well


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$12k worth of displays. What a flex of a photo.

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I’m about to go crazy.


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Careers & Work LPT: When asked what your pay scale is during a job interview, say, “I’m flexible if it’s a good fit. What do you have budgeted for this role?” 9/10 they’ll tell you the salary range without you giving away your amount.



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Especially in iron man 3


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When I was young and broke, this place was my go-to for extra special occasions. I will miss it dearly!


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Reminds me of the Switch Motorcycle.


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My computer would burst into flames trying to run this. Looks great.


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Also, the old lady is literally giving us a herring.


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Lutron Casetta switches. You can use your existing lights and it’s still easy for anyone else to control physically.


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What do you typically bring for food?

I premade individual meals, wrapped them in foil, and froze them. Then I just warmed them up by the stove for an hour to thaw and reheat them. Worked great! Lots of dry snacks too.

How do you pull your sled?

I didn't have a chance to build proper pulks, so we just used paracord. Some preferred to have it around their chest, I liked it attached to my backpack.

How much does your sled weigh abouts?

We had heavy cots that I wouldn't bring again, so each sled probably weighed about 50lbs.

Do you wear a backpack when using a sled?

Yes, but the more you can put in your sled the better. I kept the high volume light weight things like sleeping bags in my backpack.

Do you camp by yourself or with someone?

I do not winter camp alone. It's too dangerous.

How do you break up chores if you camp with someone else in the winter?

Pretty subjective. It's usually based off of experience and energy levels.

If by yourself, how do you keep yourself entertained from dark until bed time?

I don't go by myself, but I guess reading wouldn't be bad. Still a lot to do in the tent... cooking, splitting wood, etc.

What is something you wish you had known the first few times you have gone winter camping?

Expect for everything to get wet or damp, so have a plan for drying things out.

Do you bring alcohol or anything else intoxicating when you go winter camping? The reason I ask is because I brought some scotch with me last time, but didn't really drink because I thought it would be best to keep my whit's about me in case anything happened.

We brought one bottle of whiskey but didn't drink much due to the reasons you listed. Just enough to calm the nerves and take the edge off.

What do you do for gloves?

Liners in mittens. You need something with dexterity so you can do chores without exposed fingers

What made you decide on using your current hot tent set up?

Canvas breathes really well and helps regulate moisture in the tent. Snowtrekker makes really solid tents.

What are you thinking about doing differently in the future with your current hot tent set up?

Bigger ;)

Do you bring a new set of clothes instead of wearing the same ones for your trip?

Have backups of your baselayer and insulation layers in case of moisture. I didn't change at all though.

How long have you been camping/winter camping for?

5 years, but this was by far the coldest.

What aspects of camping in the winter do you like more than in the summer?

Quiet, less people, more animals, beautiful.

How would you rate your weekend?

6/10. I'm glad I did it, but I won't go out in those temps again. It's just more work than it's worth. I need more vacation to recover from my vacation!

How are you doing in general?

Sore, tired, but accomplished

Anything you want to get off your chest?

Don't go out in extreme temps unless you feel really prepared.


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A weekend of -50°F (with windchill) made for extra thrill and adventure in the BWCA

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I’m looking to translate “Art of Investing” similar to how the publication Ars Technica roughly means, “Art of Technology”

The closest I’ve gotten is “Ars Investire”

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My HomePod I know everyone is tired of these posts but I just redid my basement, mounted the TV, added the HomePods, and I need to tell someone! (The cord mess underneath has since been cleaned up)

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Agreed. People are forgetting that all of the content on cable is still available to pay for. Now there is so much more content and more choices. Even if you only still subscribed to Netflix for the past 10 years you are getting MUCH more high quality content. The other streaming services are adding even MORE high quality content if one isn’t enough for you.

More choice Less ads More content More control


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All I want is the ability to use the Apple TV via ARC to utilize homepods for other tv inputs.


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I just wanna know what chandelier that is!

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The actress who plays Monica previously played a secretary for an advertising executive - Mad Men

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Great video!

I’m taking a camping trip up there in a few days. Trying to decide between Clearwater lake and Duncan. Was Duncan very crowded? I’m trying to find somewhere that feels a bit secluded.



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All of these runs probably got called back for holding

/s but not really


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I have similar leds and no neutrals. You need to adjust the low end trim on the Lutron switches. It will fix the exact problem you’re having.


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I’m heading up there in a few weeks! How’s the ice? Also, is Duncan very busy in the winter?